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With gratitude to Hashem and our supportive community, the Englewood Mikvah Association announces the opening of its beautiful and well-appointed Mikvah for women named in memory of Rebbetzin Peggy Gopin Weiss, z’l.  The Mikvah is located in Congregation Ahavath Torah (240 Broad Ave) and has a separate, private entrance at the rear of the synagogue building near parking spots reserved for Mikvah users.

Our expanded Mikvah space will allow women to complete this important mitzvah in a pleasant, convenient and uplifting surrounding. For more information and to make online appointments, please consult the new Mikvah website at .


The Englewood Mikvah operates for one and a half hours each Sunday through Thursday night, beginning at:
8:30 during March (Daylight Savings Time) and April,
9:00 during May,
9:10 during June and July,
8:45 during August and
8:30 during Sept. through March (Standard Time).


The Englewood Mikva Association is an independent organization serving the entire community and is not a subsidiary of any synagogue.

Men’s hours on erev Rosh Hashana and erev Yom Kippur only

Keylim mikva for tevilat keylim Sundays from 9AM-4PM or when Cong Ahavath Torah office is open.

Private daytime kallah mikva service

For regular women’s nightly use, an appointment is not needed but is strongly recommended. On Motzei Shabbat and Yom Tov, the mikvah opens 45 minutes after havdala and stays open for 1.5 hours. For use on Friday night and yom tov, for kallah service, and for tevilat keylim on days other than Sundays, an appointment is required: please consult the welcome tape at the mikva phone number at 201-567-1443 for details.

For halachic questions about mikva use, please consult one of the rabbis. For administrative concerns, please contact Medinah Popper at 201-569-7818.

In case of bereavement, call:
Rabbi Menachem Genack 201-568-7932
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin 201-568-3306
Rabbi Zev Reichman 201-568-6114
For membership information, call:
Simon Posner 201-568-7206

Please contact Robert Lunzer to arrange for a plaque on our Yizkor Board.

Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784